Had breast augmentation April 2016 and wondering why my breasts look different? (photo)

Had a breast augmentation in April 2016 and put in 375 cc moderate plus silicone implants. My left breast implant seems to be sitting a little higher and didn't take its shape the way the right one did. Doctor says give it time but it is really bothering me. Any idea what could be causing this or if it will eventually get better? Has anyone else experienced this? Any help and info would be greatly appreciated.

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It would be helpful to see your pre-op photos as I think it is likely that some of this asymmetry was present before surgery . If however the left breast is much firmer to feel it would suggest that you may have capsule contracture on that side but that is unlikely so soon after surgery

Different appearance to breasts post BBA

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Thanks for your question. It is hard to say precisely without examining you but from your picture it looks like you are lacking fill in the lower inner part of the left breast and the most likely explanation is that you have capsular contracture on this side that is lifting the implant up and so the skin is hanging beneath.

You should see your PS and discuss the pros and cons of having release of this scar with or without exchanging the implant.

Best wishes 

Breast Augmentation Recovery

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Hang in there! As long as the shape and feel are improving week to week, however slowly, there is still hope for the final outcome. Ask your plastic surgeon if there are any compression garments, stretches or massaging exercises that can help speed your recovery.

Breast Asymmetry developing after Breast Augmentation

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The photos you have submitted appear to show an asymmetry in the position of the implants, and most commonly this is caused by capsular contracture, which is the name used to describe a tightening of the natural scar tissue that develops in the space around the implant. Usually this scar is quite thin and soft, but occasionaly the scar can become thick and tight, which can move the implant or cause the shape of the implant to change. The treatment is to release the scar surgically, and often this resolves the problem. Please return to your Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns again, as your satisfaction with your appearance is always our goal! 

Douglas Leppink, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Implants looking different five months after surgery

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Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • One of your implants is sitting higher than the other -
  • It hasn't dropped into place 
  • Lots of women have experienced it - it is a known risk of under muscle implants.
  • At this point, the only treatment will be surgery to release the contracted tissues. 
  • Please see your surgeon to discuss this.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Breast Augmentation

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It would be helpful to see your pre op photos to determine if there was any baseline asymmetry. However, you are 5 months post op and your breast implants should have dropped by now. You mostly likely have capsular contracture or scar tissue around the implant which is causing the implant to sit higher on your chest. You will need surgery to correct capsular contracture. Good luck.

Had breast augmentation April 2016 and wondering why my breasts look different?

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Without seeing preop photos and reviewing your operative report, no one can tell the reason. It will likely change very little at this point. A revision would possibly need to be done to improve the symmetry of your breasts.

Why the Difference?

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It's difficult to fully assess the differences you see based on the one photo.  However, there is often differences in the healing process side to side.  Sometimes one side will soften and settle faster than the other.  This is most likely why your surgeon encouraged you to be patient.  Most often these subtle asymmetries in the healing will resolve on their own with time.  Think of the two breasts as two different surgeries that may have different rates of healing.

Other reasons the asymmetry could exist might deal with asymmetries you may have had prior to surgery.  If there was differences in your breast before the implants, there would be differences after the implants.  The other reason could involve asymmetry in the pocket size or pocket creation by the surgeon.  

The bottom line advice, however, is still the same as your surgeon gave you.  Be patient.  Give this some time. Typically I would wait 6 months prior to any assessment of asymmetry or surgery to revise.  Best Wishes!

Levi J. Young, MD
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon
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Lift and Aug?

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It appears that you had a lift and implant.  This surgery when combined can be challenging and revisions are sometimes necessary.  An in person consultation is necessary to give you an accurate assessment.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Best wishes. 

Jules Walters, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Shape after BA

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pre-op photos would be helpful, even without photos BOTH of your implants are still riding high and are clearly not centered behind your nipples. They will hopefully continue to settle some more, IF not you will need a revision of the pocket to get the implants into a better position. 

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