Is my belly button scar suppose to look like this? Will it eventually fade and be unnoticeable? (photos)

Had a tummy tuck in november 2015. Had scar revision in April 2016. Scar was hit with deep Fx laser in August 2016. Currently 5 months post op and my belly button scar looks like this. I'm a little concerned. Is it healing like it's suppose to? Will it eventually fad more and be unnoticeable?

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Belly Button Scar

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First - you should always discuss your concerns with your own board certified plastic surgeon to determine your best course of action. Since it has been less than 1 year since the revision (April 2016), you have until April next year to work on the scar as much as possible, including oil cream+massage of the scar, sun block and other scar products. Mederma can help the pink color fade faster. Silicone can help to keep it flatter. Best of luck to you!

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Scar treatment

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Thanks for your question and the photos. The scar seems just a little bit thick so I would continue agressive massage with the lotion of your choice. Check in with your PS to see if steroid injection may be of benefit. redness usually takes a year or sometimes more to fade. Itf it has not faded by 18 months consider laser again.

Hope this helps.

Is my belly button scar supposed to look like this? Will it fade and be unnoticeable?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  It appears that your scar is a little thickened and still red from healing.  Scar improvement should take a multi-modal approach and I am attaching a link below that should offer helpful advice.  Best wishes.

Is my belly button scar suppose to look like this? Will it eventually fade and be unnoticeable?

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Everyone scars differently. Your scar looks like it will continue to improve. A laser treatment may help the redness. 

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