Swelling under bone and big nose tip? (Photo)

Hi! About 3 weeks ago I had a closed rhinoplasty. I wanted to remove some extra bone of the bridge and to make it more concave. It's a bit more concave but not as much as I asked for. I know it still may be swelling but I can feel the bone directly behind the skin. Also I wanted a smaller nose tip but now I have a bigger tip than before and It's dropping down really much. Im so sad and worried now. Will it always look this big and can the bridge still be swollen, even if I feel no swelling?

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Big tip after rhinoplasty

The early healing period leads to swelling in the tip and it can take up to 3 months to see the tip become fine again. During this time steroid injections can help expedite the recovery. 


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Post-operative swelling after rhinoplasty

Swelling after rhinoplasty can last a while, sometimes even up to 6 months or a year on the tip depending on the kind of surgery you are having. We often advise patients to wait a few weeks after any facial aesthetic surgery so they can be socially appropriate with or without makeup. Things should improve with time but the nose may be bigger if cartilage grafts were placed. Best, MMT

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3 weeks post rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question.  It is not uncommon to have swelling and possibly some asymmetries early in the post rhinoplasty recovery phase.  It is usually six months before you will see the end results.  At that time, any concerns should be evaluated with your Facial Plastic Surgeon.  Best of luck. 

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Swelling throughout the nose

Swelling is expected at this stage in your recovery. The swelling will continue to subside over the next several weeks. Make sure that you are regularly following up with your rhinoplasty surgeon. 

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