Irritated & tender skin on face (foremost) scalp, back, chest. What is it? (Going crazy)

done: subcision + dermabrasion + restylane filler for acne scar (4 months ago) Now 4 months later im expereinced irritated skin on scalp, back, and face. No cream soothes my face, Ive tried stopping with proteinshake, changing fabric softerenes or stopping compeltly, Ive been to 2 docs who said i dont have rosacea or anything visible. But the irritating feeling is there 24/7, skin feels best when In shower, and worst after, can this be internal and if so what?!? im going mad i tried everything

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Frustrated in Maine

Hey tharkas and thanks for your question. 

It sounds like you had some acne scars for which you had treated. Then it sounds like your broke out with a rash on scalp, back and face? 

I would recommend going to a board certified dermatologist to assist you. There are some blood conditions that result in high red blood cell count that can cause itchiness when you get of the shower- those are rare indeed. 

Sounds like you've tried a lot of different lotions etc. so I'm sure you're frustrated. 

Make sure it's nothing serious and then I'm sure a local dermatologist can help you with some topicals!

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

Evans Otolaryngologist
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