Is my hair thinning getting worse? (photos)

I've lost hair during a year or so, It's been getting thinner all over my head but It's mostly visible at my crown, my eyebrows have also been thinning. I have three pictures, the first one is taken January 2016 and the other two are recent (today).

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Crown hair loss

Many men start seeing the balding process in the crown first. This is probably genetic and if you are under the age of 35, you might see a doctor and ask for the drug finasteride which may reverse the hair loss.

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Sop the thinning with PRP

Hello Defli. For what I see I will recommend that you consider a treatment to reduce the speed/stop your hair from thinning. Treatments such as  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is proven to be very effective and will help your hair regain its healthy look and density. Keep in mind that the use of non surgical treatments is to be continued for life in order to be effective and to avoid going back to hair loss or thinning.A consultation will be ideal to detect the exact problem and look for the best possible solution.Best of Lucks

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