Should I Go with a New Surgery? Would Like Scar Revised and Go Bigger? (photo)

HEY (i'm french so sorry for the language mistakes)i've got breast augmentation two years ago and i'm not satisfied about the result my surgeon didn't talk to me enough and didn't know what i really wanted and the periareolar scars are asymetric and dysgracious and get my areolas smaller besides he didn't correct my asymetry i actually have 300cc submuscular now i want bigger like 500cc silicone i'm 1m73 for 70kg i want just to correct the periareolar scars and do the removal by another way

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Would Like Scar Revised and Go Bigger

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It looks as though you would be able to have 500 cc implants placed through the same incision. It will be much easier for your surgeon to do this with a Keller funnel. The scar could be revised at the time, but it looks like a pretty average scar, and may not turn out much better. Sometimes tattooing can be more effective. 

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Should I Go with a New Surgery? Would Like Scar Revised and Go Big

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If you believe you are asymmetric than exchange but use different sizes. As for the peri areolar scars though acceptable revision could improve them. 

Larger implants

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You quite possibly can have the silicone implants palced through the same approach and have the scar revised.  Good luck.

Bigger implants

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It seems , that your nipple is a little low , by going bigger you might have a nice look in the beginning , with early drop due to weight of your breast .  The revision of the scar while doing the new augmentation surgery might also cause some  widening of the new scar. 

I recommend, when you choose your surgeon to ask all the questions and go over all the details in order to achieve your best results and expectations .

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