What can help my hollow eyes? (photos)

Hi I'm 26 and and have hollow eyes with fine lines that have very thin skin, I really want to get this sorted before my wedding it's making me really unhappy and I'm very self conscious of it, my brother and sister have them but not as thin skinned as mine, please help me get this sorted

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Improving under eye hollows

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It's difficult to fully answer your question without a complete exam and photos of your entire face, but at a young age, filler is usually the best option.  Under the eye hollowing could be somewhat genetic.  A lot of people are born with lack of support in the mid face which often can become worse at an early age and cause some dark circles.  Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can be very helpful.  The key is to see an oculofacial plastic surgeon who is also an injectable specialist as the eye area is very delicate and you don't want just any physician doing injections around your eyes. 

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eyelid Surgery

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Thank you for your question. Fillers are a phenomenal option to create temporary volume quickly. Please allow plenty of time for bruising and swelling to subside. I suggest that you consult in person with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hollow eyes

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You appear to have some volume loss in the tear trough area. At your young age, this tends to be hereditary. I would suggest hyaluronic acid filler (i.e. Belotero, Retylane) to the area. Make sure to go to someone who has experience filling this area as it can be tricky to fill. Often there is some bruising afterwards, so make sure to give enough time to heal prior to your wedding. As for your skin texture complaints, CO2 laser resurfacing or chemical resurfacing can help with the fine lines.

Katherine Zamecki, MD, FACS
Danbury Oculoplastic Surgeon

Hollow eyes

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Hi Laura.  You're "hollow eyes" may be addressed with conservative application of a dermal filler, such as Restylane or Juvaderm.  The fine lines may be approached with a chemical peel or CO2 laser treatment. You should allow at least two weeks to heal, in case of bruising, prior to a major event.

Paul Nazemi, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

Hollow Under Eyes

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I would suggest filler to the under eye area.  From your pictures, it looks like you would be a great candidate for this and that it would give you a big improvement.

Jessica Lattman, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eye Rejuvenation

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Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your concerns. For hollowness under the eyes injectable fillers such as Restylane can be a great option. We also offer several treatments and products for textural improvements such as fine lines. I would recommend an in person consultation to discuss your goals and candidacy. The amount of time until your wedding should be considered as well.

Kathleen Morno, MD
Highland Park Physician
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What can help my hollow eyes?

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Filler injection is a great option to fill around eyes; see video below.  Another less predictable option is fat injection. See an oculoplastic specialist.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Restylane or Belotero with Cannulas, Clear+Brilliant, Eclipse Micropen, Viva

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I suggest seeing an expert this area can be improved with lasers, microneedling/PRP, and fillers.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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It depends on how close you are to the wedding day.

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If your wedding is within 2-3 months, please just have the photographs photoshop the eyes.  You will loo radiant no matter what.  If you have more than a few months, you have time in case there are any issues.  Absolutely no question, under eye fillers with hyaluronic acid filler is the best option.  I do not recommend the so called smooth fillers like Juvederm or Belotero.  I prefer Restylane which hold were you place the product.  Properly done, this will improve or eliminate the under eye circle for up to a  year at a time.  The key is finding a highly expereinced under eye injector.  You need to do your homework on this. Be sure to avoid medications and herbal products that thin the blood for at least 3 weeks before the treatment to minimize the risk of bruising.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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