SmartLipo - Should I Wait for a Newer Machine?


I am considering undergoing smartlipo treatment. However, I have read that there is due to be a new smartlipo machine on the market from July 08.

Please could someone tell me how much effective the new machine is in contrast to the old? Further, if the new is more effective, I would like to ensure that I receive treatment with the new. Please could someone advise me on the name of the new liposmart machine?

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Not much will change....

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The initial changes/upgrades with the smartlipo machine have been increases in the wattage output. Then Cynosure came out with a machine that has two different laser wavelengths. Various competitors have come out with other machines "cool-lipo, etc..." that work on very similar mechanisms. I would tell you that there is little difference in these machines at this point. The higher wattage machines go faster but do not remove more fat, it just goes a little faster. I do not think that delaying your procedure by a few months will change your result, especially since you need to consider that you may be one of the first patients a particular surgeon has used the newer, quicker machine on. Also, few surgeons are upgrading their machines every few months (as the difference in machines are minimal) with expensive upgrades so if you want the newest you will need to ask the surgeon what exactly will be used and go from there. Good luck!

Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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More important than waiting for the latest model laser...

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. . . . is the experience of the surgeon using it.  Most of the changes in the lasers might make the procedure slightly shorter in time, but not really any significant change in outcome. 

Christopher J. Peers, MD
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Smartlipo Machines

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Most laser liposuction machines have similar mechanism.  The newest Smartlipo machine the Triplex, has three lasers built into one machine - the only machine on the market like this.  This is a very effective machine and when in the right hands and on the right patient it can lead to fantastic results.  Good luck.

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Physician Experience More Important...

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Honestly, I wouldn’t wait for a newer machine; you want to ask the physician about their experience and how long they have been doing this procedure. The upgrades that come out every few months are increasing the wattage which makes the machine go faster, doesn’t make take out more fat. Cynosure’s latest upgrade gives out triple wavelengths. Remember to ask about their experience.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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