How many follicles will I require? (photo)

I have sparse hair density on my scalp. I'm attaching the photographs. Can I please know how many hair follicles transplant will I require?

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Number of Grafts

There's no way to decide based off of one picture alone. For an accurate opinion just visit a few of your local hair restoration specialists, they'll tell you if you even qualify, and if so how many grafts you would need in order to get the desired results you are looking for.

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You need an examination for a better understanding of why you are losing hair. Before considering surgery

You need an examination for a better understanding of why you are losing hair.  Before considering surgery, find out why you are losing hair.  In some cases hair transplant may not work.

Jae Pak, MD
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Female Pattern Balding Poblems

Approximately 50% of women I see are not candidates for hair transplantation. You should be seen by a dermatologist or full time hair transplant surgeon for an evaluation and proper diagnosis. Warning: Do not see a sales person. You should only have a hair transplant if you are a good candidate.

Brian Goertz, MD
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How many grafts will I require

First you must qualify for a hair transplant. To qualify, you need to be sure that your donor area is not significantly miniaturized for if it is, then the grafts that get transplanted may not grow enough to fill in the area.  Assuming that there is little significant minaturization present, then about 1300 grafts would do it. 

William Rassman, MD
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How many follicles will I require?

mantejsomal,Thank you for your question. I would recommend a thorough evaluation with an experienced hair restoration expert, to include:1. history and close examination of your scalp; 2. lab work: 3. scalp biopsy. Number 2 and 3 may be required, but number one always is. Fifty percent of female patients with hair loss do not have genetic pattern hair loss, so hair transplantation may not be the treatment of choice. An accurate diagnosis is pivotal in successful treatment and results. When did the hair loss start? gradual or sudden? shedding or slow progressive hair loss? any other symptoms? itching? burning? family history of similar hair loss? scaling? redness? dietary? medical history? meds? surgery? Once an accurate diagnosis is established we can draw a short term plan if appropriate and estimate the number. Estimates are based on size of area involved, goals, residual hair in area, and donor hair characteristics and stores.
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Bernardino Arocha, MD, FISHRS
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