Should I be satisfied with my result? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and 330cc silicone implants. I understand that my breasts were uneven before and I am trying to have realistic expectations but the nipples are different and there is rippling under one of my breasts and it is shaped weird and I just feel like they are so different. Part of the reason I went with this doctor was because of the insurance he offered to cover revision if I was not satisfied with the result. I am 9 weeks post op.

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Should I be satisfied with my result?

You have to decide if you are satisfied with your result.  For a more natural look and to avoid rippling, you may want to consider going with the new cohesive gel implants if a revision is needed.

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Should I be satisfied with my result?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after after breast surgery. Ultimately, only you can judge whether you are "satisfied" with the outcome of surgery. Best to evaluate the surgery performed several months after it was performed;  in my practice, I tell patients that they can expect changes to occur for at least for the first six months after breast augmentation/lifting surgery.
 In the longer term, if you remain concerned, discussed these concerns/goals directly with your plastic surgeon.  Hopefully, working together, you will come up with a plan to improve your outcome.

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