Hard to take deep breaths. On day 3

Today is day 3 and probably the most pain so far. Is this normal? Also, the pain is literally on the side of my breast, hard to take deep breaths. I had my implant put in through the nipple so maybe this is common pain?

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Pain 3 Days Post Op

Typically, pain will peak around day 2-3 and it is common to have pain and swelling in the muscles, sides of the breast and radiating to the ribs. Another factor contributing to pain can be a compression bra fitting very tightly due to swelling. I recommend that you check in with your Plastic Surgeon if you have ongoing concerns about your breathing in order to rule out any other issues.
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If your implants are placed behind the muscle, you will feel more tightness and may have a harder time taking deep breaths. Your tissue will stretch and the muscles will relax. Still try to take deep breaths throughout the day. Congratulations on your new look!

Connie Hiers, MD
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Pain with deep breaths

The tightness of the muscle and tissue over the implant can give the sensation of restriction with deep breaths. Also, the deep breath will create more pressure and discomfort, further making it seem hard to breath deeply.  This is a normal sensation following breast augmentation. 
It is important to continue deep breathing exercises and know that the sensations will improve.  Certainly discuss this with your surgeon.  The outer portion of the breast is common to have more tenderness and stretch from the implants.  At day 3 this sounds like common sensations.  Best wishes!  It will get better as the weeks go on.!

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Pain after BA

Hello,  thank you for sharing your questions.  It's very common after BA to experience some pain especially if the implants are under the muscle.  Difficulty to breathe is due to the pain.  You should talk to your PS and ask him / her if it's possible for you to take a different kind of painkiller that works better for you.  Have a great day. 

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Hard to take deep breaths. On day 3

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your breast augmentation surgery.  Though some postoperative pain is expected after surgery, worsening pain should be reported to your surgeon to ensure you are not having any issues such as a fluid collection or blood pocket.  As your doctor knows the details of your procedure as well as your medical history they can offer the best advice.  

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