Areola question.

Took my first shower after my surgery 3 days ago. We did the implants through the nipple. I feel like the areola are un natural low. Will this change after swelling and over time?

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Breast Implant/Nipple Position

Your areola likely seem low at the moment due to the implants sitting high. They are under pressure but can be expected to gradually drop & fluff as swelling and tightness subsides. I recommend that you follow up with your Plastic Surgeon regarding any ongoing concerns.
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Areola issue

If you are implants are still high in the pocket, it can make your nipples appear low until they settle. Of course, photos would be helpful.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Areola question

It is very common to have an unbalanced appearance immediately post-op.  You are seeing swelling, especially in the upper portion of your breast which makes the nipples appear lower than expected.  You will see the balance be restored as the healing process progresses.    Be patient and follow your surgeons post-op instructions.   It may take several months for the post-op changes to be fully resolved.

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Nipple position seems low after breast augmentation.

    It is possible that your areolae look lower than ideal 3 days after breast augmentation due to the early position of the implants.  Often the implants look a little high on the chest until the breast and chest tissues relax and the implants assume their final, lower, more natural position.  This can make the areolae look too high at 3 days.   I would be patient and expect the position to improve as the tissues relax and more healing occurs.  Good luck.  

John Zavell, MD, FACS
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