Which are my options with my chest? (re-operation mastectomy) (Photo)

I had ftm mastectomy about 5 weeks back. I will probably need new reconstruction, wish my chest look like plain guy chest. I am not sure if my chest could be repaired without scars or not. Also I don´t know if is possible nobody (except doctors) could recognized I had some operation in the past. What do you think about my possibilities?

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Revision top surgery

Based on your photos it appears that you had the periareolar technique.  There is still some excess skin which can be removed with a revision procedure to give the chest a more masculine appearance. 

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Revision TOP Surgery

Hi TygrFerret,

Thanks for the post and photos. Despite only being 5 weeks out and relatively early in the healing phase, the amount of excess skin, as well as the shape and symmetry of the nipples and areolas will likely result in you needing a revision surgery. This will involve more incisions but if done correctly will leave you with a much more aesthetically pleasing result than you have now. The main issue is that you likely had too much skin excess that needed to be addressed with more than a periareolar incision.

I would wait until you are at least 6 months post surgery to allow the inflammation to settle then seek out a plastic surgeon experienced in FTM TOP surgery for the procedure.


Dr. Dadvand

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Revision of FTM top surgery

  • Your surgery was not done properly ie. too much skin and some breast tissue remains.
  • To improve your results, the remaining skin and tissue should be removed.
  • The revision surgery will leave additional scars, but the scars will not be any worse than you would have had if the proper procedure was done initially.
  • Talk with your surgeon about your concerns.
  • Let us know if this is helpful.

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Mastectomy review

It is possible that the proper removal of your mammary gland had been done. What was wrong is the periareolar operative technique as this is used when the amount of skin to be resected is moderate. There are precise techniques to avoid what happened to you. In effect you have to do a mastectomy review to correct what happened.

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Options for a FTP Top Revision Surgery

It's usually suggested to wait 6 to 12 months depending on the reason for a #revision and it's still early in your healing. The ideal technique best for you is difficult to determine online by photos alone. There are several methods used which depend upon the patient’s breast or chest #size before surgery. Considerations include the #laxity of skin, the #size of the #areola, the amount of #fat and recent weight #gain or weight #loss. 

The most common procedures include the #periareola, #buttonhole, #double incision, and #anchor patterns. I often use #liposuction along with the double #incision for larger breasts, and, some variation for smaller breasts; depending upon the position of the areola. The female breast nipple and #areola are often centered on the breast. However, the nipple and areola are lower and closer to the outside edge of the #pectoralis muscle in the male patient. Shaping the side of the chest may also be required and can be performed with #suctioning; along with contouring of the muscle, as noted above, to provide the best definition for the chest. A board-certified plastic surgeon with specialization is such breast procedures will #confirm the technique best suited for your revision during an in-person evaluation.

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FTM top surgery

A patient (such as yourself) with excess breast tissue cannot successfully have a peri areola top surgery without having extra skin left over.  You will need a secondary procedure to remove the extra skin.  This should be done at least 3 months after the initial procedure and should be done by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in FTM top surgery.  Ask to see their before and after gallery and search for patient reviews before scheduling your procedure. 

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