Which are my options with my chest? (re-operation mastectomy) (Photo)

I had ftm mastectomy about 5 weeks back. I will probably need new reconstruction, wish my chest look like plain guy chest. I am not sure if my chest could be repaired without scars or not. Also I don´t know if is possible nobody (except doctors) could recognized I had some operation in the past. What do you think about my possibilities?

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Revision of FTM top surgery

  • Your surgery was not done properly ie. too much skin and some breast tissue remains.
  • To improve your results, the remaining skin and tissue should be removed.
  • The revision surgery will leave additional scars, but the scars will not be any worse than you would have had if the proper procedure was done initially.
  • Talk with your surgeon about your concerns.
  • Let us know if this is helpful.

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Mastectomy review

It is possible that the proper removal of your mammary gland had been done. What was wrong is the periareolar operative technique as this is used when the amount of skin to be resected is moderate. There are precise techniques to avoid what happened to you. In effect you have to do a mastectomy review to correct what happened.

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