What I could do after failed subcutaneous mastectomy? (Photo)

Month ago I had a subtutaneous mastectomy (FtM mastectomy) and it little bit failed. My left breast have loose skin and lost nipple. My right side (photo) is better, but there is some wavy skin and also little looser skin. I am afraid of result, sometimes I feel really bad. Do you think it could be saved if I went one day to repair operation? I wish it looks more normal, but I don´t know my opinions now. Mainly my lost nipple and loose skin... Now I am waiting for healting and final result.

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Revision of FTM top surgery

Please refer to my answer to your question in your other post.

Mastectomy for transgender men is a procedure that eliminates the breast by removing excess skin and most of the breast tissue. I utilize 5 different procedures and the procedure that is best for you will depend on your body size, your breast size, and the family history of breast cancer. 

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FTM top surgery

This isn't your final result. You are still swollen.  be sure to wear the compression vest as it will help the skin contract.  However it seems you might need additional surgery to tighten up the excess skin.

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Top surgery

It is difficult to fully assess from the picture that you have provided, but generally speaking at one month after surgery there will be swelling.  Revision can always be considered. 

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This is normal

I recommend patience. It has been only a month and not all cases are the same. Depending on your skin type, the number of stretch marks you have and the quality of the skin, it may take up to a year to see the final results.The skin and scars will keep regularizing. I recommend using only pressure therapy, that is, adjustable band on the chest to maintain moderate pressure and this promotes lymphatic drainage and accelerates the recovery process. It is the band called chest-rib that is used when the person is injured and suffers broken rib.

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