Septoplasty to fix nostril asymmetry? (photo)

I have a deviated septum that has blocked my left nostril and makes it extremely difficult to breathe out of. The septum seems to really be pushing to the left side in my case. Could a standard Septoplasty surgery help correct this? Is this part of a deviated septum?

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Deviated Caudal Septum

By your alone pictures, the front of the septum (called the caudal septum) could be a major component of your nasal obstruction.  This portion is critical for your septum to support the nose.  In my practice, I will not correct this by an endonasal septoplasty approach (general septoplasty), but rather though an open approach (a rhinoplasty) so that the deviation can be corrected and the support for your tip is not lost. I have also found that the nasal valves in these cases are not infrequently involved.  It wouldn't hurt to seek out a board-certified facial plastic or general plastic surgeon for consultation.

Good Luck!

Dr. E

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Dear bueferd,

Thank you for including a photograph. I do not think a standard septoplasty surgery will correct your issues. You have 2 issues, your caudal (the front) of your septum is deviated to the left and you have collapse of your nostril. You need both of these addressed to improve your breathing. A functional rhinoplasty which would include the placement of grafts and changing your nostril to improve your breathing. A rhinoplasty surgeon can tackle this for you. Best of luck!

Gina Chu, MD
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