Sculptra for teen male

I am a male teen 19 years old. I've had volume 1cc one each cheekbone about 1 year ago. I personally didn't see a difference. Next Friday I will be getting sculptra 1 vial. My doctor said she will be focusing on my cheekbones and temples, will a see a definition over time? is 1 vial enough? for what she's targeting?

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Sculptra for Teen Male

Sculptra stimulates your body's own natural collagen production to enhance facial volume. Most of the time more than one treatment spaced apart is needed to obtain your desired look. Without examining you or seeing photos it is difficult to give advice on how much Sculptra you will need.

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How Much Sculptra is Necessary?

Sculptra is a product that works gradually over a series of treatments so while it is unlikely that the first will be enough, it is very hard to say - it's really a wait and see situation. Sculptra is works to replace lost collagen in areas that lack volume so it's particularly good for the cheeks and temples. Ideally your doctor will ask you to come in for continued follow-ups to monitor the progress of your treatment over time and determine if additional vials will be needed. My number one recommendation is to only receive treatment from a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with extensive experience using injectables, particularly the one they are advising you to use.

Dennis Gross, MD
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Sculptra, one vial, enough to see a difference?

This is a small amount and my guess is that you don't see much from it. I would plan on 2-3 treatments to really get the full effect. Sculptra is a great filler that lasts several years and helps the cheeks and temples

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Sculptra for teen male

Sculptra is a stimulating agent that gradually produces filling over time.  In most cases, several treatments spaced apart are needed to obtain the desired result.  It is possible that one vial could be enough for one treatment session, but without an examination or photos of you, it is difficult to give you further advice.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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