Pocket conversion after 3 surgeries?

I'm wanting to know if I can move my above muscle implants to under the muscle or partially under the muscle pocket to cover up the implant and reduce my severe Rippling from very very thin skin and from nursing my children. I had asked my doctor if placing my newer implant would be more beneficial if it was placed under the implant and he had told me that was a very hard procedure to do.

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Pocket conversion

Yes, this is commonly performed when a patient has rippling in the upper pole.  Best of luck with your decision to move forward.

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Pocket conversion after 3 surgeries?

Thank you for the question.  Yes it is usually possible to convert sub glandular breast implants in to the sub muscular (dual plane) position.  Successful results do depend, to some degree, on the surgeon's experience. Therefore, best to make sure that your plastic surgeon can demonstrate significant experience helping patients with this type of revisionary breast surgery. Sometimes, patients undergoing conversion of breast implant positioning from the sub glandular to the sub muscular space benefit from additional maneuvers such as breast lifting (depending on the position of the breast skin envelope in relation to the position of the sub muscular breast implants) and/or the use of acellular dermal matrix for lower pole support. Closing off the existing breast implant pocket is a technique utilized to help prevent the breast implant from moving back into its previous space. You may wish to submit photographs with your next post, for more specific advice. I hope this, and the attached link demonstrating many examples of revisionary breast surgery cases, helps. Best wishes.

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