Pelvic floor stimulator after a vaginoplasty?

I am 7 weeks post op and got the green light to resume sex. I had intercourse and noticed that I am now producing a lot of fluids during sex is this have anything to do with the surgery? And I have a pelvic floor stimulator when should I start using it again? And last, if I have sex frequently will it loosen up? Thank you!

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Post-Op Questions from Vaginoplasty

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The specific risks and suitability of these procedures for each individual can be determined only at the time of consultation.  All surgical procedures have some degree of risk.  Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally.  Major complications are rare. These can include infection, bleeding, (hematoma), separation of the incision, changes in sensation, pain, increased sensitivity, unsatisfactory cosmetic results.  Any concerns of infection, new pain, swelling, bleeding, drainage should immediately be addressed by the doctor. If you received the OK to return to sexual intercourse but are concerned about these fluids then it would be best to take these questions to your surgeon in follow-up. The question about your pelvic floor stimulator would also be best answered by your own surgeon. Good luck.

Can I use a pelvic floor stimulator after vaginoplasty?

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Dear Mariah,

Thank you for writing in with your questions.  In terms of increased lubrication after surgery, since the vagina is tighter and being more stimulated, more lubrication is produced.  That is a good thing.  As far as a pelvic floor stimulator, that can only help continue to improve the vaginal tone and is recommended.  Having sex frequently wont loosen it up after surgery but your vaginal will accommodate to your partner as you become active again.  The initial tightness you both feel will change a little, but you will never stretch out to what you were before unless you start putting large objects into your vagina or have another child.  Also, be careful of anal intercourse as that can damage the area that was just repaired by surgery.

I hope this information is helpful.


Troy R. Hailparn, MD, FACOG

Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

Stimulate use after VR

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I would have no problem letting you use a stimulator 6 weeks after surgery but I encourage you to discuss this with your surgeon.   The increased lubrication is normal when one tightens the vagina.  On the average studies show that the success rates of vaginal rejuvenation is 85-90 % successful 12 months after surgery.    In other words the surgery is still working and the patients are happy.  No one knows how big of a penis will make a vagina loser but it is pretty much common sense ---- the larger the penis or dildo used and the more frequent the use.......the greater the chance of loosening things up.  I hope this helps

J R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ BeverlyHills ~ dubai

Will I loosen up with sex after vaginoplasty?

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In the same way that a woman who has never been sexually active becomes "looser" after becoming sexually active, a woman with a vaginoplasty will become better able to tolerate sex.   The "looseness" that lead women to choosing surgery is usually the result of vaginal deliveries (although not always).  So a vaginoplasty should last and not require future repair.   The traditional waiting period for sex after vaginoplasty is six to eight weeks.  Everyone heals from surgery at different rates.  I think eight weeks is the earliest and at times you should wait longer.  Sex does not help surgical repair.  Unlike other cosmetic surgeries such as breast implants or abdominoplasties or face lift, the vagina is a functional organ to be used.  So listen to your body and don't overdo it at first.

The pelvic floor stimulator will not hurt and can only help.

And the extra lubrication is likely because of improved sexual responsiveness from better sensation.  Increased lubrication will give you a feeling of laxity as this will decrease friction but this is not damage to your vagina.

Sex after perineoplasty+vaginoplasty

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Yes, you may begin using the pelvic floor simulator and use 1-2 X/day for the next 6 months, then at least 4 X weekly. It will help strengthen the muscles supporting your repair. Your increased fluid production is secondary to the increased friction and arousal produced by the tighter vagina. Sex with a large penis-ed partner or sizable toy will eventually loosen things, but no reason to hold back: ENJOY! The exercises should increase the longevity of your repair, if it was performed properly. The weblink contains some interesting info...

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

No way to tell without an exam

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The vagina normally lubricates during sex. If the vaginal introitus is much narrow now, these fluids are better retained. However, without an exam, there is no way to make an accurate assessment of vaginal fluids. The need for a pelvic floor stimulator would depend upon the condition of your levator muscles. A pelvic exam would be able to answer all of your questions. You can have sex as frequently as you wish after a vaginoplasty. If it was properly conducted, it shouldn't loosen up.

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