Have my breasts bottomed out? My dr suggested a capsulorraphy, reusing my old implants. I want to change to silicone. (Photo)

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Revision of bottomed out breast implants with supportive sling of acellular dermal matrix

Yes a capsulorrhaphy can be done to elevate your inframammary crease and reduce the amount of bottoming out and you should be able to change to silicon gel breast implants.

Based on the fact that you've bottomed out so significantly discussed with your surgeon using a sling of a sagging or dermal matrix or SERI to support the breast implants and prevent further bottoming out.

Consider internal bra for bottoming out

The photos show significant bottoming out and likely some thinning of the tissues that support the implant. Although each case is different and there is no way to know without an in-person exam, it appears that you would benefit from an internal bra using SERI Scaffold, Strattice, or perhaps GalaFLEX mesh. There is no reason why you should not switch to silicone if you are willing to pay for new implants.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Bottoming out of implants

Your photographs suggest that the implants are sitting to low.  However, this would really need to be determined by an examination with your surgeon.  If you want to change to silicone, you should.  At that time, the inframammary fold could be reconstructed and reinforced with an acellular dermis product (like Strattice or Alloderm) or other product.  Your surgeon should be able to discuss these options with you.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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