Jaw line, is there any possible non surgical to make my face look wider? (photos)

 Like to define the jawline like Angelina Jolie ? and does losing weight would change the face shape and contour the face ? Does any doctor in Portland can do a jawline fillers ?

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Thanks for your question and pictures.  Let me say first off that you have a very nice, defined jawline.  It seems that you are interested in changing contours of your face.  I recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area so that you can discuss your goals and they can visualize and examine your face.  Then it is possible to make suggestions about specific areas to target to achieve the results you want.  You mention your jawline, but without fully seeing your cheeks/cheekbones and the entirety of your face, it is difficult to visualize what adding filler to your jawline would do to your facial contour as a whole.  There are many options, and your best bet is to sit down and discuss them with a doctor in your area.  Have a blessed day!

Pasadena Physician

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