What implant option do I have with severe bone loss?

The week of my 45th birthday my 11 year old permanent (?) (6 front teeth) upper bridge cracked horizontally across the front 4 teerh. And i know it is because of how mobile all of my teeth are. Besides that, my very last molar on top fell out. 4 more teeth have since go loose. Ok, ok, I accept I'm getting old now. I've had my Periodontist tell me i have bone loss. But i refused to get Dentures in fear of feeling old. Well that and I am currently disabled and finances are a factor.

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Snapindentures, or all on4 , by nobel biocare

yes, there are several solutions, not in your area, but with a2 hour flight, you can get amazing results, with snap indentures, or the all on4, this 2 procedures,will be great solutions for you, and you will have your solution you are looking for.
one is removable, and the other is fixed, but both are amazing.
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Severe bone loss

If you are patient, sinus bone augmentations can allow implant placement. I typically allow my patients to heal for six months before placing the implants into the new bone.  

If you are impatient, zygomatic implants (cheekbone implants) can be done by an oral surgeon.  

Victor Sanz, DDS
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Dental implant options with severe bone loss.

Your problem is not uncommon.
Many patients present with teeth that are failing because of structural or support breakdown.
There are several options to replace failing teeth.
The first and most affordable is removable dentures.  This is a gum supported option, over time the stability is reduced and the dentures start to float in the mouth.
The second is implant retained dentures.  These dentures clip onto a few implants giving good support and stability.  Many patients don't mind having something removable and this works well.  Clips need to be changed and the dentures refitted to the gums once in a while, there is still movement of the denture when eating.
The third option is implant supported fixed teeth.  This is the Rolls Royce of dental treatment a full set of teeth fixed onto implants.  This is not removable and as close to natural teeth as it gets.
There are ways to do this with existing bone and sometimes bone needs to be grafted.  In the all-on solutions teeth are removed, implants placed and teeth in a single surgery.  Very comfortable healing period and great success in the right cases.

Best of luck

Dan Hagi, DDS
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