Constant Nasal Pain... is It the Septum? (photo)

I have a prominent bump on the bridge of my nose, after several different injuries in life. I was never treated for a broken nose, but think it broke at least once. Progressively, though, I've noticed worsening pain throughout the nose itself, which originated in the septum (which I've been told is fairly deviated), but now is through the nasal bone as well. A touch to any part of it is unbearably painful, and it hurts on its own continually. What could cause such pain? What could fix it?

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Is it the septum?

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Nasal pain from deviated septum is not typical. Fibrous dysplasia is a benign bone condition that occurs in the craniofacial skeleton and could possibly cause it. Other possibilities could be chronic sinusitis. A thorough examination by an ENT specialist including nasendoscopy, x-rays and scans(CT or MRI) should be undertaken to rule out serious pathology. Otherwise if all else is negative, a trial with an antiinflammatory nasal spray might be warranted. Surgery on the septum itself, even if deviated, is not likely to alleviate the pain. Look for a cause. Post traumatic pain is not very commmon at all.

Nasal pain from broken nose

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Hi, unfortunately the nose and septum have multiple nerves that can be affected from nasal trauma.  Interestingly a rhinoplasty (nose job) and septoplasty may actually help relieve the pain in your nose.  I would first recommend a visit to a plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon. Then after a good interal and external exam in the office, a CT scan may indicated. 

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