How will I look 2 months after my mommy makeover?

Hello, I will be renewing my wedding vows two months after my mommy makeover. It will be in sunny Australia. My hope is that I will be able to wear a bikini without much swelling, as I have been reading that some women have a noticeable abnormal amount for a couple months. Is the bikini even an option or will I look weird and puffy? I will have to reschedule everything if that is the case.

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Have surgery after vow renewal

I think you will be happier if you postpone your surgery until have your vow renewal. At two months, you are apt to still be swollen and if there is any complication, you may have to cancel the ceremony. Not worth the risk. 
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2 Months After Mommy Makeover

Congratulations on the renewal of your vows, and your trip sounds very exciting.

Like others on the board, I would consider waiting until after the trip, as any kind of a complication (which can happen in the best of hands) could make your experience far less enjoyable.  And, you will still likely have activity restrictions on the trip anyway.

Having said that, if you do decide to go ahead with the surgery, you will still likely have some residual swelling (not much, but you will have some).  Your incisions will be red as they continue to heal.  Best of luck!

Michael A. Epstein, MD, FACS
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Outcome after two months

Thanks for your question.
Although most of the swelling should have decreased by 6-8 weeks, the final outcome of this surgery may take up to 3-6 months to appreciate.  Since each patient heals at different rate, I cannot predict how fast/slow your progress would be.
In regards to activities, you should be able to enjoy full range of motion and activity level at 2 months.

Best wishes.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Mommy makeover healing

Much of the swelling will have subsided by then although as others point out full decrease in swelling can take longer.  The issue is that the scar will still be quite noticeable in most patients and you will still have some limitation of motion and some discomfort with strenuous activity.  Given the idea that the pre-wedding time is stressful and hectic to begin with, I do not think it is the best idea to plan a major cosmetic surgery with recovery at the same time there is an important and joyous life event that has to be planned and anticipated.
Give yourself 4-6 months prior and you would be in a safer zone... btw congratulations!! 

John Y.S. Kim, MD, FACS
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Scars will still be visible two months after mommy makeover.

People do heal at a different pace but at two months almost assuredly the incisions will be visible because of inflammation. Swelling should be substantially down but will not be completely resolve for many more months.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Trip to Australia 2 months after mommy makeover

Thanks for your question.  As others have stated, you will likely still have some swelling 2 months out.  Whether or not it will be noticeable by others is unknown as everyone heals differently.  For a patient like you in my practice I would not recommend doing a big surgery 2 months before a big vacation.  Unfortunately, even in the best of hands, surgical complications can happen (wound healing problems, etc) and sometimes these complications can take months to manage.  However, if you do decide to go forward with it, make sure that you keep sunscreen on any exposed scars when you are in Australia as sun exposure for up to 1 year after your surgery can effect the appearance of your scars.  Best of luck to you.  

Jeffrey G. Lind II, MD
The Woodlands General Surgeon
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Mommy makeover and recovery / swelling

Without better details about what you're having done and how you're built prior to surgery, this question cannot be adequately answered. In most cases, about 70-80% of the initial swelling should resolve by 6-8 weeks, but there is a small remainder of swelling that takes a few months to resolve. That being said, you may also want to avoid being in a bikini that soon as the umbilical scar and abdominal scar really should be protected from any sun exposure, even if in a bathing suit, for the first 6 months. Your comfort in a bikini while still having a little swelling will be a personal decision. There is no medical reason if you heal without complication why you couldn't be in a bikini, but just understand you will unlikely be at your optimal result.

Deborah Pan, MD
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How will I look 2 months after my mommy makeover?

How much swelling you will have is impossible to predict.  Typically, the swelling is much reduced by 2 months. 
There are different techniques that can be used for a tummy tuck that also affect healing time.  In my practice I use progression tension sutures to secure the abdominal flap to the underlying fascia, thereby distributing tension over a larger area. This technique eliminates the space where seroma formation would typically occur and provides excellent results. By eliminating this space, there is no room for the seroma to develop and, therefore, there is no need for surgical drains. Typically, patients recover more quickly with increased comfort and mobility following surgery and have fewer post-operative concerns.  Even with this technique, there are no guarantees how quickly you will feel comfortable in a bikini, although this certainly one of the big benefits of having a tummy tuck or mommy makeover.  Congratulations to you, and enjoy your trip. I hope this helps.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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2 months post op

At 2 months post op, you will still have swelling, especially if you are having a mommy make over with multiple procedures. You will not look weird and puffy but there will still be some noticeable swelling at the bottom of your breasts and lower abdomen. I usually recommend at least 3 months before a big event. This way most of the swelling will be gone. 

Johnny Shea-Yuan Chung, MD, FACS
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Mommy makeover and swelling

Hi there. Typically a mommy makeover involves surgery on at least two areas of your body. Accordingly you may have moderate to significant swelling of the treated areas. Please discuss with your BCPS. Congrats and good luck. 

Dr. B

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