How much should I expect to pay for the Embrace scar system following a b/l lollipop breast lift and augmentation?

I'm definitely interested in the Embrace scar system. I've been doing some research but can't seem to find a definite answer on the cost of this system. I was quoted $800-$1200 but $400 seems like a pretty big difference in prices to me. Any insight? What seems like a fair/average price for this system following a b/l lollipop lift with Augmentation resulting in a D cup size? Thanks!

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Variable prices!

Thanks for this question. Prices certainly will vary from practice to practice and may depend on who's doing the application. Application of the Embrace correctly is a key to a good outcome and we have all patients come to the office fro correct application. We charge a premium for this service, but we get great results! Best, Dr. ALDO :)

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Embrace Active Scar Defense

When using Embrace Active Scar Defense, the total cost varies depending on the size of your scar, how many strips are needed, and the timing of reapplication. For a lollipop incision after a breast lift and augmentation, your total cost should be around $400 for an 8-week treatment. Your best resource for this type of information is your board-certified plastic surgeon and dedicated team. Good luck in your research!

Tom S. Liu, MD, MBA
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Thank you for the question! We use Embrace in our office and are impressed by the no-tension technique. As for your question, Embrace is priced by the number of the pieces per week, and the amount of time you use it. Most Embrace "treatments" stay on for one week at a time. It appears the price you were quoted would be a range based on the number of weeks you are planning to use Embrace. I recommend calling the office and asking specifics. Hope this helps!

Michael E. Ciaravino, MD
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Plato's Scar Serum after breast lift surgery

Our office specializes in breast lift surgery and we employ Plato's Scar Serum after the incisions are healed. Most patients will benefit from the scar serum and postop pulsed dye laser. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
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Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Nice question. The Embrace system is fairly new, but it does have some nice results. I'm not sure if the range you quoted was from a single office or the difference between two offices. If it's from two different offices it may be that they are including a different number of treatments from one office to the other. Another thing to consider is how well you typically scar. Most patients heal very well from this procedure with minimal scar care, but if you have a history of keloids or other healing issues then Embrace may give you added security And be worth the investment. 

Best of luck with your procedure. 

Sarah A. Mess, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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