Breast augmentation.

I had breast augmentation 8 weeks ago and I am unhappy with the size and look and would like them removed. How soon can this be done and can it be done under local anethesia? Since I've only had them in for a short period, will my breast return to its pre-op condition?

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Because you have had them for a short time they should look very much like the preop condition.  The type of anesthesia is up to the surgeon. I use general anesthesia in an operating room under the best conditions to get the best outcomes.

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Can be done under local, office-based, and your breasts will return overtime to their original shape and size, except for the scars practiced and the temporary deformity to heal up.

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Implant removal

That is unfortunate you do not like your post-augment look. This procedure could theoretically be performed under local anesthesia. Your breast will likely contract most of the way back to your pre-augmentated state, but no one will be able to predict this with 100% certainty.

So sorry you are not happy

Hello! I am sorry to hear that you are not happy. There is a lot to discuss WHY this is the case, but you should  know that the process to remove them is quite simple and done in the office routinely... if this is the way you decide to go.  Also the way your breasts will look after-- if you decide to remove them, will be almost exactly like they looked before--- your skin will retract back to what it was .. so that is not a huge worry.Good luck to you-- I would be happy to discuss this more with you.

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Breast implant removal soon after breast augmentation?

As you can imagine, it is not possible to provide you with precise advice without direct examination. Generally speaking, much of what your breasts will look like after removal of breast implants will depend on factors such as skin elasticity present and the size of breast implants used.
 Factors that may be favorable when it comes to appearance of breasts after breast implant removal: youth, time since augmentation, and size of breast implants,  good quality skin ( elasticity)...

I'm sure you have been told that significant emotional “ups and downs” are not uncommon after plastic surgical procedures. Therefore, make sure that you are emotionally/mentally “stable” prior to making any important decisions. If in doubt, I would suggest that you wait on undergoing additional breast surgery. Best wishes.

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In general, removing your implants at this early stage will be more likely to return your breasts to the way they were than if you wait longer.  But there are no guarantees, and a lot depends on your own tissues, size of implants, etc., so you should speak to your PS about that.  And while saline implants can often be removed under local anesthesia (depending on which incision you had and are willing to have now), silicone often can not, nor can implants that are too deep (depending on your subcutaneous tissues).  Having at least some sedation makes any of these relatively straight-forward to do but, in the end, you'll need to go over these issues with your own PS to create a plan you're comfortable with.  I hope that this helps and good luck.  Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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Breast augmentation

Sorry that you are unhappy with you results. I would say that taking them out under local can be uncomfortable and having at least sedation is beneficial.

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Breast Implant Explant

It would be very difficult to predict what will happen to the beast after explant. There are many variables, size of implant, position of implant, elasticity of the skin, pre-operative appearance, what was done during surgery where the implant is located above or below the muscle.If you are not happy with the results and absolutely want the implants removed, the earlier you do that the better it will be. Enblock removal is recommended and repair of the muscle. Although you have many options available to you, these can be explored with you at the time of the consultation.

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