Breast Augmentation - What is the difference between moderate plus and high profile?

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Breast Implant Types

Thanks for your question.  It is good that you are starting to see the various types of breast implant choices available to surgeons and patients.  A high profile implant is taller than it is wide and will typically give a fuller projection than a moderate profile implant. If you are interested in learning more about breast implant options make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine your next steps.Cheers,Steven Camp MD#HappyCamperMD 

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Difference in implant projections

On the whole, a high profile implant has a greater ratio of its height to its width for a given volume. That means that a 300 mL high profile implant will probably be more narrow and taller than the same size in a moderate profile plus dimension. Hope this is helpful.

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Breast Augmentation - What is the difference between moderate plus and high profile?

Thank you for sharing your question.  Breast implant profiles refer to the amount of projection that each implant will have relative to the cc volume.  For example for the same size 325cc implant, the high profile will project further from a patient's chest wall than then moderate plus profile but will also have a smaller base diameter than the moderate plus.  Hope this helps.

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Implant Profiles

Implants are available in different profiles to accommodate the various body types of our patients.  Specifically, we want to use an implant of an appropriate volume but we want to avoid an implant the is either too wide or narrow for a specific patient.  So, a high profile implant will be somewhat narrower than a moderate plus profile implant but to compensate for that the high profile implant will project more than the moderate plus profile implant.  They may contain the same volume of saline or silicone but the high profile may fit better on a more narrow chest.  It is important to remember that we don't want to use an implant that is too wide but we also don't want to use an implant that is too narrow as this may widen the cleavage.  Speak with your surgeon about your chest dimensions and what is recommended in your situation.

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Profile has to do with the amount of projection for any given width implant. Each company creates implants of different profiles and widths. So, for a 13 cm wide implant there will be several profiles. This means that there will be ones that don't project far from the chest (moderate classic profile) to ones that project a lot from the chest (ultra high profile). Depending on the look your trying to achieve you may want a different profile implant.

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What's the difference between moderate and high profile implants?

     Since chest widths and shapes differ from person to person, breast implant manufacturers have developed  implants with different widths and projections for the same volume.   The higher the profile, the more narrow the implant is and the more it projects off of the chest.      For example, a 325cc moderate plus profile implant is wider than the 325cc high profile implant.    The same 325cc high profile implant projects(sticks out) more than the 325cc moderate plus profile implant. .  

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Difference between moderate plus and high profile implants

Implants for a given width dimension may have different projections (level of fullness). The higher the profile, the more volume the implant provides without making a wider implant. High profile is fuller than moderate plus. The lowest profile is moderate, and the highest profile is ultra high. It is always best for you in considering which way you might go to try on implants that represent the sizes in which you are interested. This is the one of the best sizing modalities - you should be comfortable with your choice prior to surgery. Consider checking out to see gel implants of different profiles to get a "visual."Best of luck!

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Hello Grand Canyon, The wide array of implant sizes, styles, shapes and volumes can be very over whelming to prospective patients, and rightfully so! The projection, or profile is is the width-height dimension for the implant. Relating and utilizing the implant diameter and projection to the relation of a patient’s body measurements and current breast volume are part of the process for an experienced surgeon. Patients are never expected to make a determination on this detail at my practice. However, to answer your question, for Natrelle Classic Round Smooth Implants the Moderate Plus (Style 15) Implants range from in diameter with corresponding projections of 3.2-5.2cm and volumes of 158cc to 752cc. The High Profile (Style 20) range from 9.0-15.3cm in diameter with projections of and volumes of 120cc to 800cc. So, when you ask for the difference between the Moderate Plus and High profile, there are many answers depending on which size you choose for each. The easiest is that the base diameter on most of the High Profiles is slightly smaller for the amount of volume (cc) they contain, so they project out slightly more than the Moderate Plus. But to give you an idea of what you're dealing with if you want to really get into this, these are 2 of 45 styles just offered by Allergan Natrelle and each style has over 20 options. It's a lot. That is why I'd recommend you visit several board certified plastic surgeon very experienced in breast augmentation to be evaluated in person and let them be your guide. You should see some similarities in their recommendations for you based on your exam and desired outcome. We see many patients that make requests, but they don't exactly know what they're saying. For example, "I want High Profile implants." This patient could just want to look a certain way and thinks this implant is what will give her that outcome. An experienced surgeon will let you know when what you're asking for is not going to give you the outcome you requested and help educate you. A lesser surgeon will just say "Okay!" and move forward, leaving you responsible when you're unhappy with the outcome. Choose wisely! Best of luck to you!

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High profiles are narrow based with more projection. Moderate plus are wider with less projection and may be more natural in appearance. 

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Breast Augmentation - What is the difference between moderate plus and high profile?

Thank you for your question.  A high profile implant is taller and narrower than a moderate plus implant for a given volume.  Breast implant selection is a very important process so be sure to go over this in depth with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

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