How can areola and breast irregularities be fixed after a 6 weeks breast reduction? Is it normal to have an open stitch? (Photo)

i had a br and change of implants for smaller ones, the result my left breast look bigger than the left one plus has an square shape and a bump around the vertical scar, my 2 niples looks oval not round! I feels my breast were quite more attractive before surgery. I'd like to know what options do I have to fix them plus yesterday I had an open wound idk why at this point if my scar heal very good since the beginning what should I used to heal?

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6 weeks post

At 6 weeks post, your breasts are still healing. You should give it a good 6 months or so to settle before considering any revision. 

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Changes after a breast reduction and lift.

There is a lot of relaxation and change in the breast as the tissues relax and settle after your recent surgery. Once the tissues relax minor adjustment and changes can be made, but six weeks out is too soon. Make sure your PS is aware of your concerns, but don't rush in just yet. some thing may improve over time.

Best wishes.

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You are only 6 weeks post op with a very minor wound healing problem and some concerns that will be easily addressed.  The main thing is to give everything time-time to heal and time for the swelling to resolve and time for the scars to mature.  Discuss your issues with your surgeon and try to be patient, you are going to have a good result.  Jane

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