What are the 2 lumps either side of scar post op 8 weeks? Will they settle with time?

I had tattoo removal 8 weeks ago, it was cut out by a surgeon. I have noticed now swelling has gone down that I have 2 lumps either side of scar. Looks like my arm is deformed. Will these settle in time. I massage scar and lumps 3 times a day. How long do you think it will take flatten or what are my options.

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The scar sounds like it's at a normal healing stage. The “dog ears” you describe will settle down with time. If the scar still bothers in you a couple of months, you can have it treated. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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At the ends, there is always something called a "dog ear". These settle down in several weeks in almost all cases. This is unavoidable and can be revised if it still exists after complete healing.

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