Why are one of my breasts so abnormal after implants? (photos)

I had 400cc hp silicone breast implants l under the muscle in Aug 15. I recently took a photo of my breasts and noticed one was significantly different to the other so booked a poa. I was practically thrown out the door after 5 minutes with no answers or reassurance. He said he couldn't see the issue, if he showed my breasts to another surgeon they would think my boobs were fine. Can anyone give me any insight on this? It's become a hard time for me as I just feel completely left in the dark

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Why are one of my breasts so abnormal after implants?

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Your left larger lower breast has bottomed out and displaced to low on your chest.  I am also concerned about the size difference as the left breast looks much larger.  The examination by board certified plastic surgeon to make certain that you do not have a seroma on the left larger side.  I would call your plastic surgeon and insist that he or she address this or that you will consult a second surgeon for an opinion.

Early breast aug problems

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Your implants appear to be too large for your frame and have bottomed out in the early postoperative period.  Unfortunately, your breasts will have to be revised to restore a more natural look and shape to your breasts.

Jason J. Hall, MD, FACS
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon
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Why are one of my breasts so abnormal after implants?

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It does appear that your left breast is a little larger and in a different position.  It is difficult to really understand what is going on without pre-op photos and info from he surgery like implant sizes, etc. If things have significantly changed in the past year, I would seek out a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon to look into all these issues and come up with a plan to help you reach your goals!  Hang in there and Good Luck!

Dr. Tag


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It is always helpful to see preops and to know what size impalnts were placed. The left breast looks larger and may have bottomed out.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Post Op Concerns

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Thank you for your question and photos. Your pictures appear to demonstrate that the left breast is larger and lower- possibly bottomed out. We do not have pre op photos to compare however so it is difficult to speculate about what issues may be a result of surgery. I recommend that you book an in-person consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon for a second opinion.

All the best

One breast may have bottomed out

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To me, it appears that the left breast has bottomed out, assuming that before surgery you had reasonable symmetry.  The distance from the bottom of the areola to the fold is longer on the left compared to the right even in the picture where your right arm is elevated.  I would suspect that this can be further confirmed if you lay down and the left implant falls out (further than the right) to the side.  With all of that said, I would look at a patient's pre operative photo to see, or show, if there was this type of symmetry before surgery.  If there was, then there will always be some amount of asymmetry after surgery as well.

Eric Mariotti, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

Hard to assess without preop photos and not standardized postops

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It appears your left breast is lower with nipple higher as well as possibly larger in photos posted. However the elevated nipple is on the side with your arm raised. It's amazing how selfies can distort anatomy thereby enhancing or minimizing actual asymmetry. Everyone knows how to raise their chin, turn head slightly and take a selfie with their phone higher than there head to appear slimmer and more attractive. The same happens with breasts or any object for that matter. If the camera is closer to one side it will appear larger. If one arm is up and other down breast folds, implant and nipple position can be distorted. Retake the photos with timer function with your arms relaxed down at you side and the camera centered on a counter or someone else taking the photos. 

If the asymmetry persists without preop photos it's impossible to asses why. It's my best guess you may have had this asymmetry preop and it has been exaggerated by implants. Repost with preop photos or submit them to my virtual consultation link below. 

Breast asymmetry

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Thank you for your question and photographs. Based on the pictures you have provided, it appears that the left breast implant has bottomed out somewhat giving it a fuller appearance on the lower half and less on the upper half. It is difficult to say much more than this especially without preoperative photographs to compare. I would definitely recommend getting a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon. I think this problem is fairly easy to correct  but will certainly require some revision surgery. Sometimes you will need internal support to prevent the left implant from bottoming out again. This internal support may be a piece of mesh or cadaver skin. 

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