Rhinoplasty: 4 Failed, Try Again or Try Fillers?

Hx: 3 rhinoplasties- all complicating d/t 1st w infx. Last date of 3rd revision: 2011. The 2/3iery revision results were poor. All 3 surgeries have resulted: in dent, excess scarring and excess cartilage placed on 1 side, tissue\L. nostril contraction, root poorly altered(too much removed medial&laterly). I'm worried 4th surgery complications. I'd like to see my options for "nonsurgical" fillers. Who is considered the very best best in this country for fillers in the nose?? Other opinions?

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Rhinoplasty: 4 Failed, Try Again or Try Fillers?

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                       The dent will be difficult to fix using any maneuver.  However, filler placed through a small tunnel from a closed rhinoplasty approach will not cause skin compromise and has the most likely chance of not producing further deformity.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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