If I have a bbl with fat added to my hips and a tummy tuck, how will I sleep?

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Simultaneous Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift

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.....Is a bad idea.  

Most plastic surgeons recommend that you not sit or sleep on your buttock for a period of time following a BBL.  Try doing that for a day and you will see how difficult it is to keep pressure off your butt.   There are special inflatable beds and chair pillows with cut-outs for your booty that can help make the recovery after a BBL more tolerable.  Standing and lying on your stomach are your two allowed positions without the special inflatable furniture.

Following a tummy tuck most patients need to keep their hips flexed for about a week.  Sitting in recliners, sleeping on their back with pillows under their shoulders and knees to keep tension off the abdominal incision.  

Therefore, unless you can sleep standing up - it is best to do one of those operations at at time (staged) - not at the same time.  

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