What's the purpose of the foam & an boards after Lipo & BBL?

I hade my procedure done Sept.5th, loving my results. I read on RS that one of the young lady had the same procedure a month before me. She said the doctor told her she didn't need the ab board, back board nippy pillow. That's why Im asking what is the purpose of the foam, when can you just sit on your booty if they say not to use the booty buddy?

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What's the purpose of the foam & an boards after Lipo & BBL?

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Thank you for your question.  Every plastic surgeon has different preference as to how they want their patients to aid in recovery as the swelling resolves.  There is no scientific evidence as to the best way aid in recovery but is typically by surgeon experience.  Most of these components such as a ab board, foam, etc is to allow even and uniform compression to the areas to maximize the smooth contour.  The compression garments tend to bind up in areas and can cause points of excess and uneven pressure that could result in injury to the skin or uneven contour.  The point of the pillow is to keep any excess pressure off of the grafted areas to maximize the amount of fat that stays alive in the buttocks long term.  I hope this helps.

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