Is you naval supposed to close after six months? (Photo)

My naval has closed after six months I went to see a specialist down here in New Orleans he told me this is supposed to happen I do not agree cany you guys look at the pictures and tell me what can I do

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Is you naval supposed to close after six months?

Contraction of the circular umbilical area occur after full TT. Best to consider a minor operation to enlarge the area. But understand scares can occur... 

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Is your belly button supposed to close?

It is unfortunate , but you have hypertrophic scarring and will need a revision. However, you might want to try injections of kenalog first. You have many great plastic surgeons there in New Orleans where I used to live. Off the top of my head I would recommend Dr. Cynthia Mizgala who is my former partner and a brilliant and very nice doctor.

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Closing bellybutton after tummy tuck

It's hard to tell from your photo but could this be a keloid or hypertrophic scar. If it is it would've close gradually. Talk to your doctor to see if they think it could be a keloid and if it is sometimes a steroid injection may decrease the scar tissue and allowed to open up.

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Closing bellybutton

Thank you for your patience. I think your results look very good. It appears that your belly button does have some stenosis (moderate closing). 

Navel after tummy tuck

A belly button that closes after a tummy tuck can be fixed.  A revision would be needed and one of several belly button revision surgeries can be performed.  Often, the scarred belly button top is removed and the remainder of the stalk is sutured to the surrounding skin.

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