Mondor's Cord 2 years post-op, or something else? Cause? (Photo)

Today when I raised my arm and flexed my chest muscle, I noticed what appears to be Mondor's cord under my right breast. I am 2 years post-op with dual plane implants. I've never heard of Mondor's happening this far post-op. I also was recently diagnosed at a post op appointment with grade 2 CC on this same side, could the two be related? The area feels tender. I've attached a photo. I did not experience Mondor's prior to this.

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Most likely

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Mondor's may happen long after surgery, actually it may happen without any surgery.  I don't think the grade 2 CC is related to it.  The treatment is easy and successful.  Just follow your surgeon's recommendations.

Mondor's Cord 2 years post-op, or something else?

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I suspect the cord you notice is secondary to your capsular contracture. You can try massaging the scar to help it soften. If you undergo surgical correction for your capsular contracture, it will likely improve this scar as well.

Mondor's Cord 2 years post-op, or something else? Cause? (

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  It would be unusual to have a Mondor's cord 2 years postop and I would favor more of a tethered scar diagnosis as a result of capsular contracture causing the issue, but only an in-person evaluation can provide definite advice.  

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