What kind of material is needed in crowns for front teeth to cover metal posts so that no gray tone is appearing? (Photos)

I am on dentist #3 and my 6th set of crowns. I've had other issues such as the bite being completely off and having the crowns filed down way too short as well as one set with one crown cemented in very crooked. But the last 3 sets of crowns for my two front teeth have a complete gray tone. I had root canals at the age of 10 with 2 metal posts placed. I am now 52 and waited all these years to have them redone. Is it possible to get crowns that will not show the posts coming through? Help!!

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Gray crowns, root canal tooth

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There are three factors that has to be considered in your case in order to get rid of the gray.  

1.  Changing the post to white post

2.  Using crown cores with no translucency then having porcelain be layered over it for natural look

3.  Using a opaque cement to hide any grayness from coming through


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