What is the best initial treatment for capsular contraction?

I got Sientra textured implants on 08/2013. Now in June2016 I have Grade 3 capsular contraction. My surgeon is difficult to speak with & her knowledge is little on the subject. I am finishing 3mth prescription of singular I do suffer from side effects & it has taken a big toll on me. She said there is no cause for CC and that it can disappear on its own. However, she has started to talk about capsulotomy & as a final resort replacing the implant. What is the best treatment plan for CC?

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What is the best initial treatment for Grade 3 capsular contraction? = surgery #breastimplants #sientraimplants

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Capsular contraction is one of the risk associated with implant breast augmentation of any kind ( smooth/ textured silicone implants or saline filled implants). There are several degrees of capsular contraction based on the Baker scale: I, II, III, IV.  Grade 3 and 4 are very symptomatic and therefore are usually managed with surgery that most of the type involves removing the implant, removing the capsule, placing the implant in a different soft tissue pocket and sometime covering the pocket with  ADM.

Sientra implants come with a capsular contraction guarantee, therefore, the company usually covers most of the cost for the re-operation of the affected breasts. 

Patients interested in managing their breast implant capsular contraction should consult with the plastic surgeon that performed the operation or get a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in breast augmentation with implabts

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Capsular contracture treatment

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For early capsular contracture the aspen system seems to help to soften the breasts. For more significant capsules i perform a capsulectomy - removal of total capsule, with implant exchange and placement of an acellular dermal matrix. I usually use strattice as the acellular dermal matrix and have about 200 strattice cases at this time - many for recurrent caosular contracture. It does not reduce the risk to zero but my current data is that with capsulectomy, submuscular conversion if implants over the muscle and strattice placement the recurrence of capsules is under 5%. 

Jason Pozner, MD
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Treatment for capsular contracture

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Usually requires implant replacement and capsulectomy, which is removal of the scar capsule around the implant.If the implants are above the muscle them move them under. In severe or recurrent cases, consider using Strattice internal bra.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Capsular contracture

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Capsular contracture is due to a tightening scar around your implant.  It won't go away on its own.   It is a surgical problem that doesn't respond to non-surgical treatment, especially if it has been a while since the original procedure. If you don't feel comfortable with the opinion of your surgeon, seek out the advice from a qualified Plastic Surgeon with a one on one consult.

John Dean, MD
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Implant exchange and capsulectomy

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There is no proven non-surgical treatment for capsular contracture treatment. The best would be in person examination by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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