I don't plan on having a tummy tuck, I'm okay with excess skin for now (I haven't had kids and it would be pointless). (photos)

will I be ok? Like I stated previously I'm ok with excess skin, I drink lots of water and plan on wearing garments pre-op to help with the skin tightening I'm also going to be making my own "it works wrap" with lavender oil, tea tree oil, and aloe Vera to help too, 2nd and third picture is me today in an outfit (I am wearing a waist cincher) will I be happy with my results ? I'm 200lbs,losing weight w 38HH breasts. I meet my dr on Tues and plan on discussing but would just like to do some research until then.

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I don't plan on having a tummy tuck, I'm okay with excess skin for now (I haven't had kids and it would be pointless).

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend you, unless you dont have any kids to have the tummy tuck, what I dont recommend you is to have lipo without it, because your extra skin will be even more saggy after, good luck!

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Not sure what your question is exactly but it is listed under BBL.  Harvesting fat from your abdomen and other surrounding areas is possible. Best of luck.

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I don't plan on having a tummy tuck, I'm okay with excess skin for now (I haven't had kids and it would be pointless).

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Hello ashtenmichelle - Thanks for your question. This question was posted in the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) section of Realself.com. If this is the procedure you want, you could have it done but at some increase anesthetic risk. If you are more than 30% above ideal body weight, your anesthetic risk rises making elective cosmetic surgery less safe. You do have a large number of stretch marks, so you will have a fair amount of loose skin after surgery. If you loose weight after surgery, your fat grafts that were injected into your buttocks to shape your buttocks will shrink. Your results will be suboptimal. I always recommend that patients get close to their goal weight before body contouring surgery to get the best and longest-lasting results. Discuss these issues with your surgeon when you consult with them. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

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Loose Skin After Liposuction - Liposuction is Invasive Surgery

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You could proceed with liposuction alone, but it is not the best tool to treat your excess skin. Liposuction will definitely treat your significant excess fat volume, but you will be left with hanging, even crepey skin that you will most likely have to tuck into your pants/underwear or camouflage with Spanx, girdle, waist cincher, etc. All this hype about wraps is exactly that - hype! If wraps worked, there would be no need for plastic surgery. Their effects are temporary. Furthermore, wraps cannot reverse or undo poor skin elasticity. Also, it never ceases to amaze me when some surgeons label liposuction, in any form, "minimally invasive" in order to make it a more attractive procedure. Simply because liposuction incisions are small, doesn't mean that liposuction is "minimally" painful or that there will be "minimal" recovery, especially if you have a lot of fat to remove (not limited to but inclusive of BMI higher than 26) or you are treating multiple body parts in one setting. During liposuction, a cannula - a long, thin tube with a hole/holes at the end of it - is used to go back-and-forth multiple times in your fat layer to remove/aspirate fat. In some cases up to five or more liter of fat is removed in one setting. This is invasive. Let's not sugarcoat this. Recovery can be quite painful for some, especially those with more fat volume removed. It's true that laser and ultrasound (which can cause burns) can provide minimal skin tightening, but these modalities will not replace the result of a tummy tuck in people with significant skin laxity. Using laser and ultrasound are just an extra step in the liposuction process. The fat still has to be removed/aspirated with a cannula – and this is the invasive part that results in postoperative pain. Liposuction is surgery. Like any other surgery it comes with risks and  discomfort after the procedure. You want to select a plastic surgeon who is realistic in his/her expectations and who also makes sure that you have realistic expectations, who doesn't misrepresent the invasiveness of the procedure or minimize its recovery and tells it like it is, and who has done work on people that have your shape/size/weight/BMI (and has the pictures to prove it). Best of luck! 

Smart Lipo

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A Brazilian lipoabdominoplasty would give you the best results but if you are holding off on having a tummy tuck performed until you have kids and are okay with the appearance of excess skin then I would recommend considering having SmartLipo performed in the meantime. This will improve the contour of your abdomen area and also has some skin tightening properties due to the laser being used. I offer Smartlipo Triplex for patients in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas looking for a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. SmartLipo loosens then removes fat and tightens the overlying skin, reducing bulges of fat while simultaneously toning the body. It also offers tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation, reliable, controlled energy delivery, reduced liposuction procedure time and patient downtime, less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction and high-definition body sculpting capabilities. Smartlipo also delivers precision and versatility with wavelengths that are ideal for smaller and larger fat deposits, tissue retraction, fibrous areas, or secondary liposuction cases. I also want to point out, that you should check what your BMI is. If it is above 30 I would recommend losing some weight to get your BMI in a range under 30 then maintaining your goal weight for at least 3-6 months to make sure it does not fluctuate as this can affect your results. Best of luck in your endeavors!


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Loose tissue after having children

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Thank you for your question. Many patients come in with similar abdomens and are instant that they do not want a tummy tuck because they believe the down time is so much worse. Given your appearance a tummy tuck would give you the best overall appearance. The down time is typically a week in terms of getting back to work. But the results between tummy tuck and liposuction with your looseness are night and day. There is no exercise that will make that tissue tighter. The more exercise the looser it will become. So if your were thinking liposuction or smart liposuction would be better thinking it will tighten up the tissue you would be wrong. I have seen many patients make the mistake of going to a non plastic surgeon for liposuction because the plastic surgeon wanted to do a tummy tuck only to then have to have the tummy tuck as well. Please get multiple opinions showing you many before and afters before proceeding with a procedure. 

William J. Hedden, MD
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