Can grade 2 CC cause pain?

After an in-person examination, I have been diagnosed with grade 2 CC on one side. The breast is slightly higher and just a little more firm than my non-cc breast. What concerns me is I have pain, especially after physical work that involves my arms/chest muscles (the CC is on my dominant side). It feels like a tightening or overworked muscle. There is also sometimes pain with touch. The breast also looks worse (smaller/higher) after physical activity. Does grade 2 ever cause pain?

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Capsular contracture and pain

Thank you for your question. Usually Gr3 causes pain, But Gr2 can cause discomfort with activity. Please talk to your PS for evaluation.

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Can grade 2 breast implant capsular contracture cause pain?

Thank you for your question.Usually a painful capsular contracture is grade 3 or more likely grade 4.  I suggest that you see your plastic surgeon again to discuss in detail that you're having pain and visible change in the implant. If you are developing a Baker 3 or 4 capsular contracture you may need surgical revision.


Yes, a capsular contracture can cause discomfort, especially with activities. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Can grade 2 CC cause pain?

Hi Ruby0587,

Thank you for your question, and I am sorry you are having this pain.  We grade capsular contracture on a 4 point scale, and by definition pain in the breast from a capsule is a Grade 4 contracture.  However, this pain is often constant.  It is difficult to say, but you may have a Grade 2 contracture and a separate issue of muscle spasms ("Charley horse") after excercise. causing both pain and constriction on this implant.  Please continue to see you surgeon to track your symptoms.  Good luck

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