What are the chances for capsular contraction reoccurrence?

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What Are Chances of Capsular Contracture?

Every subsequent surgery you have on your breasts can increase the chances of a capsule recurring. It is difficult to predict, but those who have a tendency to forming capsules tend to have them happen again even after revisional surgeries to release the capsule. I would recommend discussing your options with your surgeon.

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About Capsular Contracture

Capsular Contraction is the scar tissue that forms around the implant is a natural response to a foreign object implanted in the body. The capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant making it firm. This is referred to as capsular contracture. This firmness (breast capsule) can range from slight to very hard. The firmest ones can cause varying degrees of discomfort or pain. Capsular contracture can occur in one breast or both.

Those experiencing this are candidates for Breast Revision Surgery. An implant revision or exchange intends to replace the damaged implants with new silicone or saline filled implants with newer technology. econdary breast surgery can be complex and needs to be done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The specific procedure to be performed will depend on the complications experienced and the condition of the implants.
If you are experiencing signs of Capsular Contracture, contact your Plastic Surgeon for an exam.

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There is very high recurrence rate of capsular contracture

Recurrence rate for capsular contracture approaches 100 %.  In other words it is high and keeps on getting higher with subsequent surgeries of breasts.

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What are the chances for capsular contraction reoccurrence?

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The simple answer is that possibility of recurrence of capsular contracture is high unless something different is done at the time of the surgical treatment of the condition such as a different type of implant or a different plane of the new pocket for placement of the new implant. Medical treatment with anti-inflammatory agents such as Accolate may reduce the possibility of recurrence after surgical treatment. Please ask you surgeon about this 'off label' treatment option.

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Capsular contracture recurrence

The chances of capsular contracture recurrence after surgical treatment varies upon the cause of the orignal problem and the exact treatment.  "Closed capsulotomy" has been shown to have a 50% recurrence rate and for that reason, and others, it is seldom performed.  Open capsulotomy and capsulectomy, sometimes with pocket changes and implant exchange are other methods of treatment. The exact treatment can only be advised after an examination and formal consult.

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