Any advice for quicker recovery?

I'm getting 600cc high profile silicone under the muscle next month... I'm currently a 36b.. PICS in my review! I'm alil nervous about the stretching since I'm a competitor my chest muscles are fairly tight! Any advice on quicker recovery with less pain?

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Any advice for quicker recovery?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your upcoming surgery! You are going with a large size implant so the skin stretch and swelling will be significant. I would recommend receiving a muscle relaxant from your surgeon, in addition to pain medication, to limit the cramping that can occur with placement of the implant underneath the muscle. There is also Exparel, a medication placed at the time of your augmentation, that can cut down on the pain and discomfort from surgery which your surgeon may have access to, though this is generally an additional charge.  Lastly, I would recommend sleeping with a few extra pillows behind your back to help gravity drain some of the swelling.  There is Hope this helps.

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Hi. Ask your doctor if he/she is comfortable with the use of Exparel , a long acting analgesic that reduces pain and the need for narcotics. 

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Breast Augmentation in a Competitor

You did not say what kind of "competitor" you are. If you are a swimmer, you need to rethink large implants as any implant will significantly reduce your times (article published by Dr. Norman Levine and I in the 1980's in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). A 600 cc implant is very large which may also be too large in an athlete unless you are very large framed. If your competition involves arm use, I would strongly advise not placing the implant under the muscle. The muscle will become weaker; the implant will be pushed on every time you use your arms which will be visible and recovery is significantly prolonged. I have done competitiors for many years and never place the implant under the muscle in them. I also use a textured implant to keep the risk of capsular contracture low. Placed over the muscle, recovery should be a day or 2 when the proper operative technique is used.

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