I'm 109 Ibs - wider buttocks.

 I don't like my body I want mi buttocks to be just a little wider not a lot, how much am I looking at?

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Buttock enhancement options

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Generally, there are 3 options available for buttock enhancement:

1) Buttock implants: placed centrally for increased projection

2) Fat grafting (BBL): harvested fat from different areas of the body is transferred to the buttock to aid in contouring and increase overall size and lateral fullness

3) Buttock lift: decreases any sagging appearance

Pictures or a consult would be needed in order to provide a more accurate assessment.

Wider Buttocks

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Cost for what you desire depends on which procedures are chosen to achieve your result.  You may benefit from a modest implant and liposuction of abdomen/waistline.  Consult with board certified plastic surgeons for the most accurate quote.  

Cost for a wider buttocks?

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Wonderful question, and yes smaller women can still achieve a slightly wider buttocks. In the end, it’s important to choose whatever means necessary to achieve your desired goals for size, but more importantly shape!

My patients generally seek to have a perky or curvaceous butt that is shapely, whether they are full-figured and voluptuous or petite types (like yourself), and everything in the middle.  Consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon who does all 3 major types of enhancements to understand all your options. Generally speaking, depending on your goals overall, smaller frames with limited excess fat can utilize a combination approach nicely with gummy bear butt implants and fat grafting for an improved silhouette and volume.  You may have enough fat to achieve even a modest improvement in buttock or hip width. If this is the case, it involves a fat grafting procedure which can range anywhere between $8,500 - 12,500 depending on your specific needs.

Good luck!

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