New Onset Tugging/painful Sensation in Left Breast 7 Months Post Augmentation.

I had submuscle silicone implants 7 mths ago. I've had a normal course of healing with typical numbness and nipple hyperesthesia and a benign course of Mondor's syndrome at 2mths. The past week I've had a weird sensation in left breast that feels different than nerve pain. It's a tugging sensation like somebody is pulling my nipple from the inside. It's painful all the time, but especially when I bounce (stairs). No trauma. It is slightly swollen but does not feel harder than right breast. ???

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Pulling sensation after BAM

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This could be nothing, or perhaps a muscle pull.

On the other hand, it could be the start of a capsular contracture.  Did the breast change shape, is it firmer?  I would visit with my surgeon, as he can evaluate this and if a contracture, may be able to head it off before it gets bad.


Pain 7 months after Breast Augmentation?

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Unfortunately, is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination.

The first thing that comes to mind,  based on your description,  is early encapsulation ( capsular contraction). It would be in your best interests to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for examination/diagnosis/treatment.

Best wishes.

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