Why Wasn't My Implant Removed If I Had a CC? Led Me to Have Another CC. Silicone Implants.

I had a slight cc on my left breast. After having my revision, my surgeon said they were not leaking, I mentioned to him that my left breast was still hard, and asked if he had removed the capsule which he replied yes. I have told him from the start that it still feels really hard, and he told me it was swelling, he is now telling me this week, I have another cc! I have just had 2nd opinion and he says capsule was not removed this is why it feels hard! Please explain how this could happen. Thank

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Some for of capsule formation always occurs

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A capsule always forms around any type of implant.  Its only when the capsule is very tight or thick that it is termed capsule contracture and is designated abnormal.  I do not know what has transpired during your surgery but it is hard to know without looking inside if your prior capsule was removed or not.  You can sometimes tell if the capsule was left behind when going back in when you see a capsule within a capsule or variation of capsule thickness.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Recurrent capsular contracture. Questions the surgery that was done.

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I don't have enough information to state an opinion. 

I don't know the time course--when the revision was, when the post-op visits to your surgeon were, when the second opinion occurred. 

I would question the statement of the surgeon who rendered a second opinion, unless that surgeon saw the operative report from your first revision. Otherwise I don't know how that surgeon could have known what was or was not done. 

Capsular contractures do have a high incidence of recurrence regardless of treatment. A promising treatment involves using "acellular dermal matrix" one brand of which is called "Strattice" and some surgeons report no recurrences at least in the short term.

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Capsular contracture

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Capsular contracture (CC) can be a difficult problem for breast augmentation patients. Usually a significant CC is corrected with removal of the implant as well as the capsule (capsulectomy), with replacement of the implant and sometimes the creation of a new pocket that sews the remaining capsule down to the chest wall and makes a fresh plane immediately below the muscle. It is hard to counsel you adequately without examining you in person - feel free to schedule a consultation. It is possible your surgeon did a partial capsulectomy, or just released it in a capsulotomy, but without seeing records and the patient, it is hard to know for sure why you are still experiencing hardness in the breast. Sometimes, implant massage may help soften the texture of the area. Please feel free to schedule a consultation for an in-person evaluation. Good luck.

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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