Had sex post op 5 weeks and 2 days. Did I ruin my procedure? Vaginoplasty

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Sex after vaginoplasty

If you did not experience any marked discomfort or bleeding, its unlikely anything adverse occurred.  But if you're concerned, you should see your surgeon for a more thorough evaluation.

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When is it safe to have sex after vaginoplasty?

When healing is complete, which usually takes 6 weeks, sex may be resumed after vaginoplasty. Some women heal faster than others depending on age, health, the extent of surgery performed, etc. The only way to be certain that you've healed sufficiently to resume sex 6 weeks after surgery is to get checked by your surgeon at that time. If you disrupt a healing vaginoplasty scar, you will most likely experience significant pain and bleeding.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Sex during vaginoplasty recovery

Following reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal procedures it is recommended to wait till you're cleared for sex at your post op visit.  My patients return at 6 weeks for their release and most are more interested in resuming their exercise routine rather than sex because their vagina is still tender. 
Since you had sex during your sixth post-op week you're probably fine, but I'm sure it wasn't too much fun.  Sex will be uncomfortable at first and this should all go away by 3 months.
I hope this helps. 

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Sex after vaginoplasty

I usually do not recommend sex until 6 weeks after a vaginoplasty. This is because it can take 4-6 wks before the sutures are completely dissolved. It is very unlikely that you have disrupted the surgical repair. I would certainly recommend following up with your surgeon to be sure. Best wishes.

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