What could be causing my upper butt, hips, and legs to ache really bad 4 days after gastric sleeve?

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There is a good chance, especially if the pain is on both sides, that the pain is from laying down in the hospital bed for a couple days after surgery and from laying on the operating table during surgery.  This can cause inflammation or temporary ischemia in the muscles, tissues, and skin.  The pain should get better within a couple days.  You should let your surgeon know about the symptoms right away.Especially if the symptoms were on only one side, then the surgeon would have to make sure that there is not a blood clot.  But that would be very uncommon if the symptoms are on both sides.  An electrolyte abnormality can also rarely cause these symptoms.To help the symptoms, walk around a lot, drink lots of fluids and water, and avoid laying or sitting for long periods of time in one position.  Try laying on your side.

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