Why new lumps 3 plus months after facelift?

Why would I be getting a new lump on side of face (in flap area) about the size of a small grape three and a half months months after a facelift? My doctor is not in the area. In trying to describe the location, it would be lower than the apple of the cheek, and in middle of flap. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Emergence of a contour issue months after a facelift suggest a foreign body.

If there is some foreign material in the face placed during a facelift, this might emerge as the swelling that was originally camouflaging it subsides.  You really need to contact your own surgeon.

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Lumps after facelift

would be helpful to have a photo.  A lump under the flap may be from a buried suture.  They are often dissolvable, but can create some inflammation under the skin.  You should see someone close to you to have them take a look as you may need some antibiotics.

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