Lumineers for Small Tooth Gap and Whitening?

I have straight teeth with a small gap right in the middle upper two teeth and I am looking for 1.long term whitening 2.nice look. What do you recommend?

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Hard to tell without pictures but possibly

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Good question. Depending on the size of your gap would really determine if veneers (or lumineers) are the best choice for you.

If it's a small gap- I would look at finding a dentist who "specializes" in doing aesthetic bonding procedures. Ask to see examples of a space closure (called a
diastema" in dental terms). I do space closures all the time on teeth simply using additive bonding. Additive bonding means you don't need a shot because no tooth is filed down or removed.

If it's a large gap- you might want to look at having veneers done. As a rule of thumb, the larger the space, the more teeth you might need to have veneered to close the space (and still keep teeth looking naturally proportioned). I am not a big fan of lumineers in general though. The cases that I have seen have tended to look un-natural and bulky. Just my opinion though. For this reason, I worked with my master ceramist to create a no-Prep veneer that looks GREAT. Here are some photos

No to Lumineers, you'll be happier with other types of veneers

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You may still be a good candidate for no prep or more likely minimal prep veneer, so find an experience cosmetic dentist and find out what type of veneer they recommend.  There are so many dental labs making beautiful and thin veneers are look so much better than Lumineers.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Maybe Lumineers, maybe composite bonding or maybe regular porcelain veneers

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Your question is great!  Most all patients need to find out which solution is best for their situation - as no two patients present with the same exact problem to solve.

If your front two teeth are relatively small - then Lumineers can be a good option.  I would also suggest you consider composite bonding - which is similar to Lumineers in that the teeth can be restored without removing tooth structure (or in most cases, little tooth structure)

The final solution is also the most permanent and the most cosmetic and natural result - regular porcelain veneers.  In most cases, some natural enamel is removed to create space for the new porcelain.  This results is virtually perfectly shaped and almost completely natural results.  The materials are both very strong and lifelike in appearance.  Your friends and coworkers shouldn't be able to see the veneers - just a completely natural smile.

Best of luck!

Greg Lutke, DDS
Plano Dentist

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Porcelain Veneers are better than lumineers

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I would not do lumineers.  There are many other porcelain manufacturers that do minimal preparation which requires a small amount of tooth reduction or no prep that look far more natural than lumineers.  The decision should be based on the shape of the tooth and how it is aligned in the arch.  Another thing to consider is minor orthodontic movement  which would move your tooth into a more favorable position and require less tooth reduction which is ALWAYS the best long term option for a healthy tooth.

Ruby Dillon, DDS
Orange Dentist

If you have a choice, do not go with Lumineers!

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Even if you want a veneer that is placed on the face of your tooth without tooth preparation, I would stay away from Lumineers. The quality of the porcelain is poor. I would recommend you have a prettier feldspathic porcelain veneer placed.

To get the best result you must do some tooth reduction to avoid that bulky, fake, "Chicklette" look. If you look carefully at the advertisements for Lumineers even the untrained eye can see the bulkiness.

Not a Lumineers fan

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While Lumineers CAN work, generally speaking they are not what is hoped for. "Lumineers" is a trade name for a brand of porcelain and is not unique. If the teeth are not shaped at all, the Lumineers must be very thin to avoid being "bulky". This thin factor can make them very translucent, so the underlying color will shine through. If you want your result significantly whiter (and most veneer patients do), Lumineers likely will be unsatisfactory.

I would suggest, as Peter has, to seek an experienced cosmetic dentist to see what would work for you. Ask to see pictures of their own cases and come up with a plan that you both find acceptable.

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