2nd day post op; is this all normal?

I had primary rhinoplasty on Tuesday. I'm 2nd day post op. I don't have much bruising but my face is so swollen. My eyes are extremely swollen and stuff oozing out the corners. Is this normal? There is a bandage near my nostrils to soak up the blood but it can be removed now.. it's just really dry and feels like it's stuck to my splints because every time I try remove it... I can feel the splints moving... how can I change it? Any tips? I also have a slight temperature.. is this all normal?

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Postoperative Rhinoplasty Concerns

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Thank you for your question.  Some facial swelling and bruising can definitely occur immediately after rhinoplasty.  Icing your eyes (up to 20 minutes of every hour for the first couple of days) and sleeping with your head elevated for a week can help.  Applying nasal saline and ointment might help loosen the drip pad underneath your nostrils for more comfortable removal.   I do recommend that you touch base with your surgeon's office to voice your concerns, as I am sure he/she would be happy to hear from you.  Hope that helps!

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Postoperative Rhinoplasty

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Everything you have listed sounds normal for this stage of post-op i encourage you to keep in touch with your surgeons clinic to reassure yourself as I'm sure they have strong aftercare practise in place!

Best wishes and good luck.

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Post rhinoplasty

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All the things you describe are normal. Use peroxide to separate the nasal drip pad from the splint. 


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