What is wrong with my breast? (photos)

I had augmentation last year and am happy with size but left breast has become deformed. In your opinion what has happened and what can be done to fix it? Fat transplant possibly? Any other comments on them you could give me? Many thanks.

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Breast augmentation - looks wrong after a year

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • It would be helpful to see how your before photos -
  • You have a double bubble (the implant is moving down below the breast crease.
  • Surgery can fix this.
  • But just correcting this may make the breast sit too high on your chest.
  • You need an examination to see if muscle activity is part of the problem as well.
  • And to see if in addition, you have a capsular contracture.
  • If so, placing the implant on top of the muscle, correcting the crease and possibly covering the implant with mesh or an acellular dermal matrix may be needed.
  • So return to your plastic surgeon for an exam and a plan to correct this.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Deformed Breast

From you photo it appears that you have what is called a double bubble on the left. Additionally, if you contract your left pectorals muscle (put hands on waist and push your waist in) you most likely have window shading where the breast jumps up to a higher position and the breast crease worsens. This can happen, but is very unusual, after breast surgery. There are several things we do during the procedure to avoid this. Once it occurs you have two options. 1. Change the implant to a subpectoral pocket from a submuscular pocket (i.e. place the implant on top of the muscle). 2. Place dermal matrix material over the lower implant sewn from the muscle to the chest wall with capsule removal. Please discuss this with your surgeon who can help correct.

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Double Bubble

It appears to me that you have developed what we call a "double bubble". this usually happens after some attempt is made to lower the crease to accommodate a larger base implant than would otherwise fit in the natural breast. The repair involves creating a new bottom of the pocket and returning the chest wall skin to the chest. In my experience, especially with larger implants, some type of an ADM such as Strattice can be helpful in preventing a recurrence of the breast implants settling. In my opinion, fat grafting would not be as good of an option. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Breast deformity one year after breast implant placement.

It appears that you formed a "double-bubble" deformity.  This generally occurs when a smaller narrower diameter breast requires lowering of the inframammary crease to accept an implant of comparable size to the opposite side.  Fat grafting may be effective in covering the deformity depending upon how successful the "take" is however another option would be to perform capsulorrhaphies to close the inframammary crease back to its normal position and place a smaller implant (on each side).

I suggest you review your options by returning to the plastic surgeon who performed your surgery one year ago.  Often it is difficult to determine during the surgery when a "double-bubble" is at risk of forming despite our best efforts.

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