Sharp pain in nipple?

It's intermittent sharp stabbing pain in my right nipple I had breast augmentation 2 years ago it comes and goes and I haven't had this feeling before. Just within the last two days

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Sharp pain in nipple area

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Hello there,Thank you for your question. Sharp pains are normal shortly following a breast augmentation. However, they should subside with time. In your case, feeling this pain two years post-op could be because of muscle spasms or cramping due to increased activity of the muscle. It could also indicate a capsular contracture, which is not due to physical activity. In addition, if your implant is underneath the muscle, it is very normal to have discomfort at times, even two years following your surgery. Be conscious of your activity level and notice if the pain has increased or decreased over the next few days. If it does not subside, I suggest seeing your physician to get checked out for another opinion. Do not worry but be cautious and decrease your activity level to see if you get any relief. I hope this helps.James Fernau, MD, FACS
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